How do I create a new shift? - Mobile

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May 9, 2023

When you login in on Croux you will first see your “Filled Shifts” screen. To add a new shift tap the “+” button that is found at the bottom in the center.

Filled Shifts Screen.png

Once you tap the plus button you are given two options: Post a new shift or Post shift from template.

If you have already created shift templates you can easily select one of those by tapping the “Post shift from template” button.

Options for posting shifts.png

Choose a template to utilize for the new shift.

Select from Shift Templates.png

If you don’t want to use a shift template you can tap “Post a new shift” and fill out information about the shift you are adding.

Posting new shift NO template.png

Select the date of the shift.

Select Date of New Shift.png

Select the start time.

Select Start Time of Shift.png

Select the End Time.

Select End Time of Shift.png

Provide information to applicants about the shift and what position they will fill, what the job will consist of, and what they should wear.

Adding Shift Details.png

Once you have filled out the shift information, scroll down and  tap “Post Shift” to post the new shift.

From your Open Shifts tab you can see the shift you created has been added.

Shift added successfully.png