How do I clock In and Out of a shift?

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May 9, 2023

Clocking In

When you have an upcoming shift Croux will give you this notification to Clock in.

ClockIn PopUp.png

You must be present at the address of the shift in order to clock in.

Not in Location ClockIn Warning.png

When you are on site, you can tap “Clock in/Check in” to clock in and enter the time.

Shift Details ClockIn.png

When you are ready to clock out, Tap “ClockOut/Check Out”.

Shift Details VIew for ClockOut.png

Clocking Out

When your shift is over, you need to clock out.  If the business asks you to stay later, you are not required to stay later than the shift end time, you should discuss any additional compensation with the on-site manager for working past shift time.

Clocking Out - Talent.png

Applicant Clocked Out - My Shifts.png